About Us

The Phone Improv Show is part of a worldwide festival celebrating the 30th anniversary of "the improvisor" journal of free improvisation in August 2010. The purpose of the Phone Improv Show is to provide a fun opportunity for anyone anywhere to perform their own musical improvisations via phone, that can be heard around the world. The Phone Improv Show is organizing special appearances by certain improvisors and improvisation groups, as well as open improv sessions for anyone who would like to call in. We also hope to stream some live events from the festival and feature a few interviews.

The Phone Improv Show is streamed live over the internet and archived recordings are made available after the shows are completed. This service is provided by Blogtalkradio. Blogtalkradio owns all content streamed over the Phone Improv Show, and makes money from the advertisements placed before the shows and on our Blogtalkradio page. The Phone Improv show does not endorse these advertisers, nor do we receive any remuneration for hosting these advertisements. It would be extraordinarily expensive to purchase streaming with unlimited listeners, an automatic archiving feature, the live call-in service with multiple phone lines, and an accompanying web interface. Our arrangement with Blogtalkradio allows us to function with very low overhead and a volunteer staff.

The Phone Improv Show is a not-for-profit project organized by Gene Ric Nowman. The Phone Improv Show has been recognized by the improvisor festival as an official event of the festival.