Endorsements from people who have taken “Getting Started with Sound in Max” online course:

Judy Dunaway's 'Getting Started with Sound in MaxMSP' online course is truly fantastic for anyone interested in developing basic skills in MaxMSP and then applying these skills to their own music. The online materials are excellent: they are well prepared, easy to follow and I found the many excellent example patches Judy provided as part of the course very exciting when applied to my own music. When I was confused or needed something explained in more detail, Judy was always on hand to answer my questions. I enjoyed the course so much I came back for more and did the 'Advanced Max for Sound' course the following year. Thanks Judy for a great introduction to MaxMSP.

Dr. Martin Blain
Composer and Senior Research Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University

I have had the pleasure of taking Dr. Dunaway's Getting Started with Sound in Max as well as her advanced class on Max/MSP. As an educator myself, I found her classes to be very well organized, highly informative, thorough and totally engaging (especially for online courses, which in the past I avoided like the plague). The projects were always fun and very helpful to understand not only how to use the program, but about electronic music in general. I highly recommend any of Dr. Dunaway's classes.

Dr. Keith Kramer
Central Connecticut State University

I had spent a lot time prior to taking this course trying to get my head around Max/MSP by using the tutorials and online resources. This was OK but it never allowed me to really get inside the meaning of the program, or to gain the confidence to start building patches myself. Getting Started with Sound in Max gave me the confidence I needed to get started. The lessons are clearly presented and user friendly, and the lessons build on knowledge from from week to week providing an excellent overview of many of Max's features. Also the lessons are useful as they are designed to enable the student to gain knowledge of objects and processes through the creation of instruments (for example samplers and drum machines), all within the context of sound theory. At the end of the course you end up with a range of patches with accompanying notes you can then refer back to you in your post-course explorations of Max/MSP. I highly recommend anyone to take this course if they are looking at becoming familiar with the program.

Jordan Lacey
Sound-artist, PhD candidate
Melbourne, Australia

I highly recommend Judy Dunaway's 'Getting Started with Sound in Max' online course. While it is possible to teach yourself Max with tutorials and other online resources, in my case, I know the process of learning Max would have taken exponentially longer without taking 'Getting Started with Sound in Max.' The course material is presented in real world terms conceptually before diving into some of the more intimidating concepts. I find that this in concert with class work deadlines and peer review to be an effective and expedient way to start learning Max. Whether you are interested in audio synthesis, building your own custom effects, or just about anything that the Max programming environment is capable of, this course will cover the necessary steps in starting your work with Max.

Bob Stephen
Sound Engineer
Chicago, IL