and the evan gallagher little band

JUDY DUNAWAY composer/vocalist/guitarist/balloonist/performance artist tackles a bizarre array of topics from Elvis to evangelists, from PMS to AIDS, from propagation to masturbation, from squirrels to pigs, and on and on -- twisting them into her own whacky, distorted songs with even screwier arrangements that violate every musical style. She is accompanied on drums, percussion, keyboards, samples and you-name-it by the incredibly eccentric and amazingly talented EVAN GALLAGHER LITTLE BAND.

The history of "Judy Dunaway and the Evan Gallagher Little Band"

In 1989 Judy Dunaway recorded a CD of her songs and improvisations for Lost Records. Upon its release in 1990, the CD received positive reviews and much college radio airplay. She asked her long-time friend and collaborator keyboardist/drummer Evan Gallagher, who had appeared on several cuts of the CD, to accompany her on the live presentation of this material. The duo soon took on the name "Judy Dunaway and the Evan Gallagher Little Band," to reflect Evan's role as the one-man-band that supported Judy's songs.

From 1990 to 1995, "Judy Dunaway and the Evan Gallagher Little Band" performed frequently in New York City at many venues including Performance Space 122, The Knitting Factory, ABC No Rio and CBGBs. They toured in the Southern and Eastern U.S. and througout Europe, and appeared in several festivals including ITIM (Aachen, Germany), Dissidenten (Rotterdam, the Netherlands), Fast Forward (Nijmegen, the Netherlands), and Vulvapalooza (New York City). Additionally, Judy Dunaway presented material from this act in solo performances in the U.S. and Europe, including at the Festival Solo (Geneva, Switzerland). In 1993 AMF Records released a CD of "Judy Dunaway and the Evan Gallagher Little Band" which received positive reviews in the U.S. and Europe.

"Judy Dunaway and the Evan Gallagher Little Band" gave their last performance at the Knitting Factory in early 1995. Thereafter, Judy Dunaway decided that she would no longer sing or play the guitar, but would only make sounds with balloons. Since then she has written over 40 compositions for this medium. Evan Gallagher continues to perform as a keyboardist and percussionist in New York City, appearing with Joe Gallant's "Illuminati," John McDonough's "Brilliant Coroners" and performing in various of his own ensembles (often appearing at the COMA Series at ABC No Rio or Freddies's Back Room) including "The Get Back By Wednesday Ensemble" and "Annette Guh."


"...the best song about PMS ever recorded." Elizabeth Vincentelli, Option magazine, November/December 1993.

"...topics that would trouble any well-meaning psychoanalyst." Neil Strauss, New York Press, 11/27/91.

"Candidate to be burned at stake" Jacob Haagsma, LC (Netherlands), 5/27/92.

"Judy Dunaway sang a sequence of little songs about sex from her two CDs... playing guitar with a zooming dildo and demonstrating her brilliance as a balloon artist." Joy Arpots, Watt Magazine (Netherlands), May 1994.

"a great performer... a true original... " Glen Thrasher, Lowlife magazine, 1991.

"Dunaway breaks most of the rules..." Dave Mandl, Ear Magazine, March 1991.

"...an amazing, stimulating racket." Jeff Bagato, Option magazine, March/April 1991.

"...she can get enough weird stuff outta her guitar to make even Hans Reichel sit up and spit crackers." Byron Coley, Forced Exposure, Spring 1991.

"Sometimes she sounds like a perfect mate for Daniel Johnston..." Neil Strauss, New York Review of Records, November/December 1991.


Judy Dunaway solo CD. With guests Rick Brown, Cinnie Cole, Evan Gallagher, Sue Garner, Sue Ann Harkey, Mark Howell, Bob Lipman, Michael Lytle, Jerry Myers, Chris Nelson, Mike Sappol, David Shea and David Zohnzinsky. 13 songs: "El Norte,", "Yippee Yi Yo," "Lubricaciando," "Kitchen Utensils," "Missionary Kid," "The Stripper," "Business Suit," "Sprech," "Brother John," "The Blob," "Z-13," "Little Birds" and "The Lamb." Produced by Mark Howell and Doug Henderson.

Judy Dunaway and the Evan Gallagher Little Band. With guests Dann Baker, Steve Buchanan, George Cartwright, Marc Dale, Sue Garner, Bruce Hathaway, Mark Howell, Michelle Kinney, Charles Lee, Chris Nelson, Julie Nichols, Leslie Ross, Ann Rupel, Tamio Shiraishi, Blaise Siwula, David Watson and Steve Waxman . 13 songs: "Wrestling for Elvis," "Giant," "PMSLSD," "Litmus Test," "Jane and Janet," "Rabbit," "The Pig Song," "Squirrels," "Jack," "White," "St. Passion," "Everything Good" and "Richard." Produced by Kramer, Judy Dunaway and Bruce Hathaway.

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Above photo by Eric T. Michelson. All other photos by J.T. Dunaway.

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