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Judy Dunaway: Balloon Music (CRI) (1998) (CD)
The CD that started it all. Out-of-print, from the now defunct Composers Recordings, Inc. label. Includes collaborations with Yasunao Tone and Dan Evans Farkas. These are original pressings of the CD manufactured by CRI. Shrink-wrapped.

Price: $19

Judy Dunaway: Mother of Balloon Music (Innova) (2006) (CD)
Compositions and improvisations with the Flux string quartet, Tom Chiu (violin), Damian Catera (electronics), and the late great Ryuko Mizutani (bass koto). New copies autographed by artist. Not shrink wrapped.

Price: $19 (autographed)

Shar: Pop Music (OuterRealm) (2000) (CD)
Avant-noise-rock with balloons, bass and drums. Shar was founded in Luzern, Switzerland in the summer of 1999 by Judy Dunaway, Ilja Komarov and Trixa Arnold. Ilja Komarov is the bass player for the legendary Estonian band Ne Zhdali and Trixa Arnold is the drummer for the Swiss band Les Halmas. Cuts from this CD have appeared as soundtracks on art videos by Zev Robinson and the machinima animation of SaveTheOh. Out-of-print release from the now defunct OuterRealm label. Cardboard-sleeve reduced-waste cover (no plastic jewelcase). 15 tracks. Total playing time: 38:36. Shrink-wrapped. Original pressing. Visit the Shar website.

Price: $10.00 PER COPY WITH ORDER OF 2 OR MORE COPIES AND/OR COMBINED WITH ORDER OF ANY OTHER ITEM ON THIS PAGE. $19.00 for a single copy ordered individually and separately.

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Judy Dunaway: Globos (Alku) (2010) (limited-edition chrome grade cassette)
Features recordings of live balloon performances in Germany (solo), the Netherlands (solo) and New York City (with Damian Catera), as well as a short solo piece originally recorded for the CRI “Balloon Music” CD in 1998 but never released. No shrink-wrap, no graphics, clear plastic case. LIMITED SUPPLY.

Price: $19

Judy Dunaway and the Evan Gallagher Little Band (1994) (CD)
This rare, out-of-print CD features 13 songs written by Judy Dunaway and performed by J.D. (guitar, vocals) and Evan Gallagher (drums, keyboard, backing vocals). Guests include Tamio Shiraishi and Chris Nelson. Original pressing. Jewelcase with no shrinkwrap. LIMITED SUPPLY. REVIEWS

Price: $19

New York Guitars compilation (Composers Recordings, Inc./CRI,1995) (CD)
Includes Judy Dunaway’s “Fifty 210” (for electric guitar and Yamaha Fifty 210 amplifier). Also includes compositions by Brandon Ross, Carolyn Master, David First, John King, Ken Valitsky, Loren Mazzacane Conners, Mark Howell, Nick Didkovsky and Phil Kline. These are original pressings of the CD manufactured by CRI, purchased directly from CRI before they closed (via the artist discount). Shrink-wrapped. LIMITED SUPPLY.

Price: $19

Judy Dunaway (Lost Records, 1990) (CD)
Judy in her pre-balloon days. 13 songs featuring an array of Lower East Side luminaries including Rick Brown, Cinnie Cole, Evan Gallagher, Sue Garner, Sue Ann Harkey, Mark Howell, Bob Lipman, Michael Lytle, Jerry Myers, Chris Nelson, Mike Sappol, David Shea and David Zohnzinsky. Shrink-wrapped. LIMITED SUPPLY. REVIEWS

Price: $19

Judy Dunaway and the Evan Gallagher Little Band (Vinyl single from Bowlmor Records)
Extremely rare vinyl single released in 1992. Side A: Richard (2:48); Side B: Rabbit (1:45) and Wrestling for Elvis (2:38). LIMITED SUPPLY. REVIEWS

Price: $24


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