Sound Installations

Tootootrue (2006) - Sculptural collaboration with visual artist Nancy Davidson. Exhibited at Westport Arts Center Gallery, Westport, Connecticut, Nov. 3 - Dec. 22, 2006.

Manual Eardrums (2002) - (Sound installation about feeling sound with ones hands), premiered at Galerie Rachel Haferkamp, Koeln, Germany, January 2003. American Premiere: Diapason Gallery, NYC, November 2003. Subsequently exhibited at Wesleyan University (Connecticut), CUBA (Muenster, Germany) and Ohrenhoch Sound Gallery (Berlin, Germany). A webpage with explanation of the installation is available on the Diapason website. View video of installation works Manual Eardrums (downstairs), The Globe (upstairs) and a silent video sculpture collaboration with Antony Flackett entitled Graticule (upstairs), all at Ohrenhoch Sound Gallery, Berlin, 2013 on YouTube: YouTube

Manual Eardrums

Balloon Bells (2002) - (Sound installation using balloons as bells). Exhibited at CUBA, Muenster, Germany, March 2002.

Flying F*ck (2000) (Sound installation using suspended vibrators and balloons to create low-frequency standing waves). Exhibited at Moltkerei Werkstatt, Koln, Germany, Nov. 24 - Dec. 3, 2000. Subsequently exhibited at Kunstlerhaus, Dortmund Germany and ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany. Reviewed in Kunstforum International magazine (see Reviews page).

Balloon Installation for the End of Time (1999) (Site-specific work for balloons and pre-recorded material). Presented at "Zu Fruh," MEX, Dortmund, Germany, December, 1999.