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Mother of Balloon Music (Innova 2006) - Compositions and improvisations for balloons by Judy Dunaway. Featuring performances by the FLUX Quartet, Ryuko Mizutani, Damian Catera and Judy Dunaway. Support the artist by buying direct through the Judy Dunaway Store.

"Dunaway is utterly fearless in her approach to her craft, and unflinching in the face of inevitable backlash from both her classical and avant-garde contemporaries... Her Etudes No. 1 and 2 for Balloon and Violin (2004) [with Tom Chiu] are particular favorites of mine, perhaps because they are what my own stuffy classical violin instructor would undoubtedly have dismissed as good musicians behaving unforgivably." - review of Mother of Balloon Music, Meredith Yayanos, Coilhouse Magazine (2008)

Globos (alku 2011). Live previously-unreleased performances by Judy Dunaway on balloons: Piece for Tenor Balloon (solo, live in Germany), duo improvisation on giant balloon with Damian Catera (live in NYC), blown balloon solo improvisation (live in the Netherlands), and more. Limited-edition chrome-grade cassette. Support the artist by buying direct through the Judy Dunaway Store.

pop musicShar: Pop Music (Outer Realm Records 2001). Avant-noise-rock with balloons (Judy Dunaway), bass (Ilja Komarov) and drums (Trixa Arnold). Ilja is the bassist for the legendary Estonian band "Ne Zhdali." Trixa is the drummer for the Swiss band "Les Halmas." An incredible international collaboration that yields both humor and angst, all for one reasonable price. Support the artist by buying direct through the Judy Dunaway Store.

Judy Dunaway: Balloon Music (Composers Recordings, Inc/CRI 1998) - Compositions and improvisations for balloons. Includes collaborations with Yasunao Tone and Dan Evans Farkas. This out-of-print recording is still available through the Judy Dunaway Store.

"Dunaway doesn't leave any room for doubt -- the balloon is a musical instrument, and a wonderfully hybrid one at that...Balloon Music is convincing evidence... As a whole this is a thoroughly gratifying compilation of music that can be drawn from this unusual instrument... With her balloons she outgrunges many a rock band. She achieves an admirable accuracy in her timing and in hitting her pitches, but she also shapes these elements into passionate solos." - review of Balloon Music on CRI, Rene Van Peer, Experimental Musical Instruments (1999).

Judy Dunaway and the Evan Gallagher Little Band (AMF 1993) - Art-rock compositions. For more information visit the Judy Dunaway and the Evan Gallagher Little Band website. This CD is out-of-print but still available from the Judy Dunaway Store. (Note: Limited supply.)

"Accompanied by a group of musicians that populated the downtown free improv scene at the time -- including the under-appreciated, sardonically gifted pianist and composer Evan Gallagher -- Dunaway went into the studio and made one for the ages. This deceptively well-crafted and eminently intelligent album presents a brilliantly unorthodox songwriter at peak form. " - review of Judy Dunaway and the Evan Gallagher Little Band CD on AMF, Chris Kelsey, All Music Guide (1996).

Judy Dunaway (Lost 1991) - Avant-garde folk songs and free-improvisations. For more information visit the Judy Dunaway and the Evan Gallagher Little Band website. Original CD available NOW by request through the Judy Dunaway Store.


Sound Art at Het Apollohuis (Wergo/ZKM 2011) - Extracts of live concert recordings from Het Apollohuis 1980-1995. Includes Judy Dunaway, Gitta Schaefer and Evan Gallagher performing J.D.'s Balloon March. Available directly from Wergo.

Yasunao Tone - Noise Media Language (120 page book with CD) (Errant Bodies Press 2009) - CD includes collaboration with Judy Dunaway on Bluebird from her 1998 CRI recording. (This limited-edition book and CD are now out-of-print.)

The Tapes (Katahdin Recordings 1998) - Balloon improvisation with Matt Moran and John Hollenbeck entitled Natural Alarms. You can listen to this cut on Judy Dunaway's MySpace page. For more information about the CD, visit Ted Reichman's website.

Emergency Music Compilation (Composers Recordings, Inc/CRI 1997) "Champagne in Mexico City", a composition for balloons and electronics from the "Judy Dunaway: Balloon Music" CD.

Elliott Sharp: State of the Union (Zoar 1996) - Solo balloon improvisation with voice-over by Captain Space Sex. This compilation CD from the 1990s features works by over 150 artists.

New York Guitars compilation (Composers Recordings, Inc./CRI,1995)- "Fifty 210" (for electric guitar and Yamaha Fifty 210 amplifier) - Electric guitar composition. Original pressings of this CD are available through the Judy Dunaway Store. (Note: Limited supply.)

John Zorn‘s "Cobra" (Knitting Factory Works 1994) - Balloon improvisations in the context of the John Zorn composition "Cobra."

Gitta Shafer: Translucency (AMF 1994) - Guitar improvisations with saxophonist Gitta Shafer.

AMF Compilation (AMF 1993) - Composition by Judy Dunaway entitled "The Dead" for organ and seven cheap tape players, performed by Evan Gallagher and Judy Dunaway. Out-of-print. You may listen to this piece here:

Exquisite Corpses from P.S.122 (Whats Next 1991) - Vocal and guitar improvisations.

Exquisite Corpses from the Bunker (Heartpunch 1990) - Guitar improvisations. LP format.


Limited edition compilation DVD from Diapason Gallery distributed to schools and libraries in New York state, includes documentation of the sound installation Manual Eardrums (see installations page).

Soundtracks by Shar for videos by Zev Robinson, "Everything is Art" (2004) and "Perversion"(2005), which have been featured at venues and festivals in London, New York and elsewhere including: The Howl Festival (NYC); The Hull International Short Film Festival (London); The Phatory Gallery (NYC); Outside Circle Collective (London); London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival; Subtropics Festival (Miami); The Festival for Art On Film (Akron). You may view these videos at

Peter Weibel: Visionen (2001) - a film by Gregor Skowronek. J.D. featured in film, as artist-in-residence at ZKM. Balloon improvisations. Now available on YouTube:

Soundtrack for Nancy Davidson video "Breathless," presented at Institute for Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, November 1999.


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