A short video overview of Judy Dunaway's works for balloons, including her musical improvisations on balloons, her composition Balloon Symphony No. 2, her sound installation Manual Eardrums and short excerpts from For Balloon and String Quartet and The Rubber Forest:

Piece for Tenor Balloon, Live at Logos, 2002:

Reed balloon improvisation, Live at Logos, 2002:

Drone improvisation on bass balloon, Live at Logos, 2002:

Piece for Tenor Balloon/Improvisation, Live at Gallery 109, NYC, 2010:

Sound installation works Manual Eardrums and The Globe at ohrenhoch sound gallery, Berlin, 2013:
(Also featuring silent video sculpture collaboration with Antony Flackett entitled Graticule.)

For Koto with Balloons (2000) performed by Ryuko Mizutani, composed by Judy Dunaway:

For Chorus with Balloons (2000) performed by Wesleyan Singers, composed and conducted by Judy Dunaway:

On the Air (2007) for alto/soprano saxophone, balloon sound samples and radio static. Performed by Owen Callahan, composed by Judy Dunaway:


For Tenor Balloon and Voice (2009). Judy Dunaway, Tenor Balloon; Jennifer Walshe, Voice. Composition/Improvisational Structure by Judy Dunaway:

First and second movements of For Balloon and String Quartet (2001), composed by Judy Dunaway and performed by the FLUX Quartet (available on Innova recordings):

First movement
Second movement

Listen to rare and out-of-print recordings by Judy Dunaway on UbuWeb including Duo for Radio Stations, Shar, and Judy Dunaway and the Evan Gallagher Little Band: