Published Scores by Judy Dunaway

The following scores are published by Material Press (Frankfurt):
For Chorus with Balloons (1999)
For Bass Koto with Balloons (2000)
The Sound of Skin (2003)
On the Air (2007) for alto and soprano saxophones (one player) and musique concrete, to be broadcast live over radio
These scores may be ordered directly from Material Press.

Published Writings by Judy Dunaway

Musicworks Magazine, Winter, 2002, “My Beautiful Balloon, Part II: Orchestration and Playing Techniques for Balloons as Sound Producers,“ pp. 40-46. Backissues available from Musicworks Magazine.

Musicworks Magazine, Fall, 2001, “My Beautiful Balloon, Part I: A History of the Balloon as a Sound Producer in Experimental Music,“ pp. 14-21. Backissues available from Musicworks Magazine. Download article here: My Beautiful Balloon (Part 1)

Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie website, July 2001: “The MP3 Phenomena and Innovative Music,“ Reprinted in American Music Centers' "newmusicbox" web magazine, August 2001,

The Improvisor: The International Journal of Free Improvisation, “Amica Bunker, a History,“ Volume XI, 1996, pp.26-36. Read excerpts from this article at the ABC No Rio website.

Ear: Magazine of New Music, April 1990, “Femme Fretale: A Brief History of Women and the Guitar,“ vol. 15, no. 2., p. 22.

Writings About Judy Dunaway's Work

Transmission Arts: Artists and Airwaves by Galen Joseph-Hunter, with Penny Duff and Maria Papadomanolaki, PAJ Publications, New York: 2011. Includes discussion and description of Judy Dunaway's “Duo for Radio Stations,“ p. 85.

SoundVisions by Torsten Mueller, Kunsu Shim and Gerhard Staebler, PFAU Verlag, Saarbruecken: 2005. Includes discussion of score example from Judy Dunaway's “Molto,“ pp. 78-79.